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Artist Profiles 2006

Joseph Patrick Moore

Masoko Tanga
Taken from CD
Decade 1996-2005

Jonas Hellborg

Who would you like to be?
Taken from CD
'Good People'

Yolanda Charles

'You Heard It Right'

Janek Gwizdala

'Time Stands'
Taken from CD
'Mystery To Me'

Adam Nitti


Yossi Fine

N.L.B. (niggaz lov bass)
Taken from CD
Electric Voodooland
by Ex-centric sound systeM.

Wojtek Pilichowski

Alvin Mills

Stefan Redtenbacher

Redtenbacher's Funkestra
'Juggernaut Blondes'
Taken from CD
Falling From Insanity


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